Friday, March 14, 2014

Optimus Prime: Year of the Horse

I recently picked up a Masterpiece Year of the Horse Optimus Prime which is part of the 30th Anniversary Platinum Edition line. This figure is a must have for any Transformers fan. Let's take a closer look.

First off the packaging is pretty awesome. The box is bright, has some great artwork on it, and the front opens to reveal Optimus already in his robot form. He's also fairly easy to remove as there are only about 5-6 twist ties keeping him in place.


The actual figure is amazing. It's the same mold as the MP-10 Prime which came out in 2011, and I unfortunately missed. The chrome that is typically on Optimus is replaced with gold plating, and he is a darker shade of red than normal. So he's sort of blinged out and muted at the same time. Even the ion blaster has changed from black to a dark bronze color, and it also folds up to fit in the back while Optimus is in vehicle mode. While the toy is mostly made of plastic, it has a sturdy feel, and all his joints are tight to provide great posing opportunities.

Optimus even comes with a Matrix of Leadership (of course!)

The trailer that comes with Optimus is an entirely translucent plastic, much like the Masterpiece Ghost Starscream was made of. The trailer opens up just like the G1 version did, except the back doors split to open out and the ramp pulls out. Unfortunately, there is no Roller.


The final accessory is the energy axe Optimus used on occasion in the TV series and in the clip below. The funniest thing is Peter Cullen voicing Prime in what is clearly an imitation of John Wayne.

Optimus' vehicle mode is excellent. The seams are extremely close together and there are hardly any gaps to break the illusion that it's a truck. The tires are actually rubber which is a nice touch allowing Optimus to "roll out!"

And here's Optimus with his "ghost" trailer. The trailer also has rubber wheels and stands that flip out just like the original G1 toy.

Just to give a size comparison, the left most Optimus is the first Masterpiece figure which came out in 2003, whose vehicle mode leaves a lot to be desired. Notice the gaps in the side and the massive "overbite" the front windows have. The middle Optimus is the Year of the Horse and I defineitely think it looks the best. And the right Optimus is from the original G1 line.

And here is a their scale in robot form. The original G1 is dwarfed by the first Masterpiece Prime, while the Year of the Horse Prime is kept in scale with the current line of Masterpieces. I definitely think he is the most "Prime" looking of the three.

Optimus Prime's head has changed over the years, but it still maintains the face plate, blue eyes, and antennae. It's a classic look that shouldn't be messed with.

As you can see, Optimus is very poseable, much more so that the his first Masterpiece which is kind of top heavy and is literally a statue. The Year of the Horse Prime is an excellent figure.

Half the Autobot insignia on the trailer and Prime's shoulder is replaced in Chinese calligraphy with the word "Ma" or horse to signify the Year of the Horse, and provides a very unique Prime. The Year of the Horse Optimus Prime is available right now at Toys R Us for $130. He's also available at for $10 cheaper. Go get him and remember your childhood fondly. 


  1. I totally forgot about this until your post reminded me to drop by TRU to pick one up! BTW, the right half of the Autobot insignia on the back of the trailer has Chinese calligraphy of the word "Mă", or Horse. - LH

    1. Ah cool, I was guessing what that was, good to have confirmation. I'll change the article to reflect that.

  2. I picked it up and it's very cool! :)