Saturday, November 24, 2018

Anime NYC 2018 Cosplay Music Video

This was my first time at Anime NYC and I will freely admit I didn't know 80-90% of the characters being cosplayed there. In fact I had to contact a friend to help me identify the characters in this video. Regardless, there was still some awesome cosplay there, and here are some of the cool ones I saw!

Many thanks to these amazing cosplayers! And if you can help identify any of them, please let me know!

Voltron and Paladin

Astolfo from Fate/Apocrypha

Nergigante from Monster Hunter World

Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh

Giovanni from Pokemon

Newt Scamander

Cloud from Final Fantasy VII

Priss from Bubblegum Crisis

Nero from Devil May Cry

Fullmetal Alchemist
Roy Mustang
Alphonse Elric
Edward Elric

All Might from My Hero Academia

Saber from Fate / stay night

Genos from One Punch Man

Maid 4 U Cafe

And here's some of the cool things I saw on display at Anime NYC!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Tesseract!

Stan Lee left behind an amazing legacy of characters, and is responsible for many of the popular heroes in Marvel today. He also co-created the Cosmic Cube also known as the Tesseract in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Jack Kirby. Here's my attempt at making one.

Items used in this build:

3.5 inch Photo Cube

Blue LED fairy lights

Wax Paper

Fine Grit Sanding Sponge

And check out Uncle Jesse's Tesseract video which inspired me to make mine.

While I'm happy with how this turned out, the frosted spray paint that Uncle Jesse uses is probably the better alternative to sanding. I might go back and do that.

But this is a quick and easy project that anyone can do!

And thank you Stan Lee for allowing all of us to play in your universe.