Monday, May 24, 2021

Happy 5 Year Anniversary Overwatch!

Happy 5 year anniversary to Overwatch! To celebrate and help move that payload, here's an updated cosplay music video!

I haven't made one of these videos in a loooong time. You know, no conventions, no videos! So it was nice to put this together even though it's all old footage and it's just updating an older Overwatch video. 

Overwatch has definitely been trying my patience for a while, but I will never get tired of Overwatch cosplay. So please enjoy, and move that payload! 

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  1. Please Do My Assignment For Me

    There are still a tonne of Overwatch gamers. Even with the several game types the game provides, obtaining matches is not an issue. I am unsure of the amount of players because Blizzard doesn't share player counts (more game modes means splitting the playerbase).