Friday, May 29, 2015

Kung Fury

When a movie is unintentionally bad, it can be the worst thing to watch in the world. See almost any Michael Bay film. But when it's intentionally made to be bad, it's amazing (and a little weird) just how good it can be. Such is the case with Kung Fury, a short indie film by Laser Unicorns that was funded on Kickstarter. Drawing much inspiration from 80's films, Kung Fury is a cop who goes back in time to kill Hitler. The video premiered yesterday and already has over 3 million views. Just watch it and enjoy the ridiculousness and the nostalgia. =D

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Coldplay's Game of Thrones: The Musical

I've been a little disengaged with Game of Thrones this season. While I've kept up with all the episodes, I haven't had the time to do my weekly recaps. Plus, this has been an especially downer of a season with a lot of questionable and disturbing things happening. If you've felt the same way about it as me, here's a little video that will hopefully bring some joy to Game of Thrones fans.

The premise is Coldplay is writing a musical for Game of Thrones, and they've gotten some of the stars of the show including Kit Harrington, Rose Leslie, and Mark Addy to participate.

This is all in collaboration with Red Nose Day which started in Britain in 1988 to raise money for poor children in the United Kingdom and Africa.

If you'd like to donate to the Red Nose Day Fund, please click here.

Friday, May 22, 2015

A Very Murray Christmas

This December on Netflix, it's A Very Murray Christmas. What more do you need to know?!?

According to Entertainment Weekly, the special will be written by Murray, Sofia Coppola, and Mitch Glazer and will also feature appearances from George Clooney, Chris Rock, and Amy Poehler among other celebrities.

And if you'd like to see what he's been up to, here's Murray popping out of a cake for David Letterman. ;P

Batkid Begins

Remember back in 2013 when practically the whole country was rallying around this kid who had Leukemia and wanted to be Batman? And the Make-A-Wish Foundation made that possible by turning San Francisco into Gotham City? Well it's all documented in the new film, Batkid Begins. Watch the story of how 5-year-old Miles Scott, who is thankfully in remission now, became Batkid for a day. Spoiler Alert: This might make you cry...

My favorite line in the trailer is when Hans Zimmer, the composer of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy says, "He gave everybody license to just be a little absurd." Absurd, but awesome.

Batkid Begins opens June 26th.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Top Ten Things I've Always Wanted to Say To Dave

Starting with Jimmy Fallon taking over The Tonight Show from Jay Leno, Seth Meyers taking over Late Night, Stephen Colbert signing off from The Colbert Report, and James Corden taking over The Late, Late Show from Craig Ferguson, almost the entire late night landscape has experienced a turnover the last two years. Another talk show host signed off last night, namely the longest tenured host right now at 33 years, David Letterman. Letterman's quirky and absurd humor always appealed to me growing up and I remember taping his Late Night show on NBC back in the 80's and watching them all on the weekend. When he moved to CBS in 1993, I watched his show pretty religiously as it was on an hour earlier and I was older and could stay up much later. ;) Admittedly, I haven't watched his show or much of late night in general the last ten years outside of The Daily Show or The Colbert Report. Plus Conan O'Brien seems to have taken over the role as "weird talk show host." But regardless of that, Letterman saying goodbye is still a big deal. So with help from some of his most frequent guests, here's his final Top Ten list from last night's farewell show.

Back in 2000, Letterman underwent heart bypass surgery and was sidelined for several weeks. On his return show, The Foo Fighters played "Everlong" which Letterman describes as "my favorite band playing my favorite song." So here they are again playing alongside a montage of highlights from the last 33 years of Late Night and Late Show.

Thanks for all the memories Dave. You will definitely be missed.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

LEGO Dimensions - GREAT SCOTT!!!

Heard about LEGO Dimensions? It's an upcoming video game that's like Skylanders or Disney Infinity where you can buy figure packs and play in the game as those figures. This is a huge deal because existing figures such as those from the LEGO Movie and DC Comics will be playable in the game as well as brand new figure sets like Doctor Who and Portal 2. And here's the first direct ad for the game featuring Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown from Back to the Future.

Just imagine all these different franchises being able to interact with each other. Think of it like the LEGO Movie, but on a much larger scale. And in case you missed it, here's the official announcement trailer featuring Joel McHale, with a few Easter eggs thrown in for potential franchises involved in the future like Ghostbusters and The Simpsons.

LEGO Dimensions comes out September 27th.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Harry Shearer is Leaving The Simpsons

UPDATE: As Professor Farnsworth would say, "Good News Everybody!" Looks like Harry Shearer is returning to The Simpsons!

Harry Shearer, the voice of some of the most prolific characters on The Simpsons, is finally leaving the show after 26 seasons. While he doesn't voice any of the actual Simpsons, he does do a lot of major characters.

Among them are:

  • Ned Flanders
  • Principal Seymour Skinner
  • Reverend Lovejoy
  • Kent Brockman
  • Otto Man
  • Dr. Hibbert
  • Waylon Smithers
  • Kang
  • Lenny Leonard
  • Rainier Wolfcastle
  • C. Montgomery Burns
Admittedly, I could probably count the episodes I've seen the last 10 years on one hand, but the show still garners a sizable audience. The Simpsons has retired characters before when a voice actor has died like Troy McClure voiced by Phil Hartman or Edna Krabappel voiced by the recently deceased Marcia Wallace, but the loss of a couple of characters pales in comparison to the huge chunk that is going away here. For starters, Homer would lose all his neighborly interactions with Ned, and all his work interactions with Mr. Burns, and Bart can no longer go toe to toe with Principal Skinner. Unless they go ahead and recast the voices, The Simpsons won't survive without these supporting characters.

On a side note, here's Harry Shearer and Martin Short in their legendary Saturday Night Live men's synchronized swimming skit!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Muppets are Coming Back!

To ABC! And apparently the show format is going be mockumentary style like The Office or Modern Family. And it's even funnier when they make fun of that show style. Cue Kermit flail!