Friday, May 29, 2015

Kung Fury

When a movie is unintentionally bad, it can be the worst thing to watch in the world. See almost any Michael Bay film. But when it's intentionally made to be bad, it's amazing (and a little weird) just how good it can be. Such is the case with Kung Fury, a short indie film by Laser Unicorns that was funded on Kickstarter. Drawing much inspiration from 80's films, Kung Fury is a cop who goes back in time to kill Hitler. The video premiered yesterday and already has over 3 million views. Just watch it and enjoy the ridiculousness and the nostalgia. =D

And here are a few of my favorite things about Kung Fury:

The homicidal arcade machine robot that keeps giving the finger.

The VCR tracking errors which cleverly mask the lack of special effects, plus it's damn funny how it just jumps scenes. How did he get to space?!?

Kung Fury's origin story. I was hit by lightning, and bitten by a cobra.

Triceratops as Triceracop

Adolf Hitler was so good at Kung Fu, he changed his name to Kung Fuhrer. Just to note, Hitler is played by Jorma Taccone from The Lonely Island.

Nintendo Power Glove!

Traveling through time is basically the video game Skate or Die.

Laser Raptor?!?

The Aryan mustache argument

The fight with all the Nazis felt like every 80's side scrolling video game with a dose of Mortal Kombat in there.

Thor, Barbarianna, Triceracop, and others show up as reinforcements! I'm always a sucker for reinforcements coming to save the day.

The absolutely random cartoon death dream sequence.

A fight between a T-Rex with tiny arms and a giant golden hawk with tiny talons is unexpectedly hilarious.

HOFF9000, you don't hassle the HOFF9000

True Survivor! And here's The Hoff himself singing the end theme!