Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Captain America 2: Trailer Breakdown

Captain America: The Winter Soldier had another trailer debut last night during Agents of SHIELD.

Nick Fury looks to be in some serious trouble as he's under attack by...

The Winter Soldier! And he looks all spiffy with his shiny metal arm and grenade launcher.

Things do not end well for Nick Fury as he most certainly did not get "off the grid."

A bunch of bureaucrats in suits at SHIELD Headquarters wondering what the hell to do now that the Winter Soldier has destroyed their intelligence agency. Plus, has Robert Redford ever been bad in anything?

You know the Hellicarrier is a bad idea on so many levels. But it always looks so cool, even crashing into a building.

Winter Soldier, appropriately menacing stare from behind a mask.

Hellicarrier crashing again. See I told ya it's still a bad idea.

Our hero is willing to do anything for freedom. Considering you're a genetically enhanced super soldier, your bar tab is way higher than the rest of us anyway.

Falcon swoops in and joins the party, complete with Quidditch goggles.

Okay, so at some point, Captain America will don his old 1940's costume. I originally didn't like the outfit, but it grew on me. I like the utilitarian look of it.

Cap's getting shot at by a Quinjet?!?

In heroes we trust. Black Widow spews some stuff about being the best qualified to defend the world.

Captain America SMASH!

Explosions! What do you think this is, a Michael Bay film?!?

Captain American sportin' the new duds. I kind of like it. Not too ostentatious. 

Falcon does John Woo. He can even take the place of the doves flying around.

So the Winter Soldier is powerful enough to deflect Cap's shield.

Bucky looks pissed. Maybe he's been holding a grudge against Cap for 70 years for letting him fall off that train?

They certainly are showing off a lot of Falcon in this trailer. Well the wings are pretty badass.

I really have no idea what to think of this movie. It looks like a really fun action adventure, with a bit of spy stuff thrown into it. And it really does look like it could be as fun as The Avengers. Well, it's less than a month away, and we'll all find out then!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes out April 4th.

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