Friday, March 28, 2014

24: Live Another Day: Risk Trailer Breakdown

Enough of these trailers that disappoint. I apparently have to go to TV to get something I want. If you haven't seen the latest trailer for 24: Live Another Day, here it is!

New CIA Agents Kate Morgan (Yvonne Strahovski) and Steve Navarro (Benjamin Bratt) surveying an assault trying to capture a target.

And that target is Jack Bauer. Fugitive, Soldier, Hero.

Four years on the run. Jack looks even more pissed off than usual.

And he seriously plays the, "Do you know who I am?!?" card.

Mark Boudreau (Tate Donovan) the White House Chief of Staff believes Jack is in London to do the President harm.

And here's President Heller and daughter Audrey "No longer Make it Rain" Boudreau. Yup, she's married to that tool up above.

Jack's trying to stop an assassination attempt on the President, and it looks like all hell is breaking loose in London.

Chloe has gone with the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo look. Well, she was an accomplished hacker too.

The London Underground!

"There's no going back for me."

Heroic Jack Bauer pose.

With only 12 episodes, you better be damn sure every second counts.

Monday May 5, 2014. Mark it on your calendars...

Or Jack will come and get you...  :P

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