Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Final Trailer Breakdown

The final trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 released today and it really shows way more action than we've ever seen before, which may be a good or bad thing depending on how you feel about spoilers. But it any case, it does make me pretty excited to see this film. Spidey seems to have dropped some of his angst ridden emo-ness and adopted his more familiar snarky attitude.

Some of the aerial shots of Spider-Man falling and swinging through the city are ridiculously dizzying but ultimately very satisfying of what Spider-Man would actually look like in the air.

And some of the POV shots can get a bit terrifying.

So Harry Osborn & Peter Parker haven't spoken in about 10 years? Well that would explain his absence from the first movie.

Standard, brooding action pose

Oscorp has one of the biggest buildings in New York, which automatically means they're frickin' rich, which will ultimately justify how they have been able to track Peter Parker. But the question again is, "Why?"

If you have something to solve, the best way to visualize it is to do a line chart on your wall. It is the literal idea of "connecting the dots."

The Ravencroft Institute is introduced as the place Richard Parker worked before he died/disappeared. In the Marvel Universe, it is an asylum for the criminally insane.

And it looks like it houses the bays for the eventual Sinister Six, so criminally insane is right!

Spidey helping out one of New York's finest with a witty quip.

Electro goes electro on Spidey...

And sends Spidey crashing into a cop car.

A giant Rhino mech foot comes crashing down.

I've gotta say, the new Electro look is growing on me. The translucent skin is creepy and badass.

The Goblin Glider!

Spidey in super evade mode.

Seriously, there are some innovative shots this movie is pulling off. I know it's all CGI but it looks damn good.

Goblin pins Spidey for the count!

And he pulls an illegal weapon! (As a WWE announcer would say)

The best way to get your girl to stay put is to web her to something. I'll leave the dirty euphemisms to you.

The best shot of Rhino to date. This is the best change they've made in my opinion. A guy in a hardened suit with only his face showing is kind of silly even for the comics. I'm glad they went mech.

And Spidey's retaliation? Deflect the rockets back & send a manhole cover into that Rhino's face!

My excitement level went up with this trailer. It has that epic feel to it, but Spidey has his sense of humor showing it's all good. Just six more weeks till May 2nd!

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