Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday March 10, 2014 Catchup

Watch Dogs finally has a release date. The open world stealth hacking game comes out May 27th for all current and next-gen consoles. The fine folks at Ubisoft, who are responsible for the Splinter Cell, Far Cry & Assassin's Creed series are behind the game and it looks quite promising. It looks like a blend between Assassin's Creed and the Batman Arkham Series where hacking computers is a major feature of completing objectives. I'm not particularly a fan of open world games, but I might try this one out.

Has it really been 9 years since Sin City came out? Well the film that started the trend of movies that look like graphic novels that includes 300 & Watchmen, has a sequel; A Dame to Kill For. The first film was groundbreaking for its highly contrasted, black & white noir look which resembled the graphic novel it was based on. The sequel looks to be more of the same, but the reason I enjoyed the original so much was I was a big fan of the source material. In A Dame to Kill For, only 2 stories are from the graphic novels, and 2 are written specifically for the movie by Frank Miller. But it's still worth a look. The film comes out August 22nd.

Jack is back in less than 2 months, and now we finally get some footage from 24: Live Another Day. Jack is a fugitive in London trying to stop a Presidential assassination. Which is honestly just another day for Jack Bauer. May 5th can't get here soon enough.

The Lego Jawa Sandcrawler is a massive 3,000 piece set with 7 mini-figures, and tons of moving parts to help you reenact Luke & Uncle Owen buying the droids. Stormtroopers not included to help you reenact the slaughter of innocent Jawas. The set retails for $300 and comes out in May. Check out more pics over at gizmodo.


And finally, the Lego Hobbit video game came out with an Ocean's Eleven style trailer. It's cute, check it out.

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  1. This is a guy that makes Transformers out of Lego. Have a look.