Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weird Movie Tie-Ins

Lately I've noticed a very disturbing trend of really weird movie advertising tie-ins. It's one thing to have toys from your movie in a McDonald's Happy Meal. It's entirely something else when your movie is promoting something it has no business being connected with. I first noticed it in 2012 when The Hobbit was being promoted by Denny's.

Okay, I can kinda forgive this since hobbits are all about second breakfast and eating, but the past few weeks I've seen commercials featuring a trio of movies that just left me scratching my head wondering who was in charge of the marketing deals?!?

Three of the mutants from X-Men: Days of Future Past have been seen in Carl's Jr. and Hardee's commercials selling burgers and breakfast sandwiches.

Seriously?!? And that's not even Jennifer Lawrence in the last one! While she probably wouldn't be caught dead in a fast food commercial, she almost certainly would eat their burgers! Okay, I get it. Mutants need to eat too. Quicksilver probably burns a ton of calories so that burger would probably be good for him. And I get that attaching your restaurant to a popular movie franchise is a good idea on paper, but these commercials aren't even that good. They don't make me want a Hardee's burger. And they make me want to see X-Men: Days of Future Past even less.

Even more egregious is the Godzilla commercial where he can't swallow a Fiat.

Okay the "Didn't actually happen" subtitle is actually pretty funny. But what does Fiat have to do with Godzilla? Am I missing something here or I am I just over-thinking commercials now?

And now Godzilla is a destructive monster when he's hangry, but turns into a chill party dude when he's had a Snickers bar. Okay, this one is actually funny as the whole "You're not you when you're hungry" ad campaign still works. And it also helps that this Godzilla is clearly a guy in a suit and not CGI.

But from out of left field, here's Optimus hawking Oreos.

I know full on that I'm over-thinking here because the first thing I said when I saw this commercial was, "Transformers don't eat Oreos." Well DUH. And then I tried to rationalize what these characters should be selling. Godzilla would do great at homeowner's insurance. And Transformers should be selling cars! Yeah I just had to write this because much like these commercials, I had to do something silly. ;)

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