Friday, May 23, 2014

Game of Thrones: Mockingbird

In Mockingbird, things have come to a screeching halt at the Wall and in Slaver's Bay. But the ball keeps rolling (and falling) in King's Landing and the Eyrie.

Note: I haven't read the books so any commentary I make is completely based on the show.

Tyrion's Champions

With Jaime unable to fight for Tyrion because of his hand, Tyrion turned to Bronn. Unfortunately, Cersei got to him first and paid him off with some fancy new clothes and the promise of a castle. But it really didn't matter how much more Tyrion offered Bronn. There was no way he was going to fight the Mountain, let alone defeat him. He'd be dead and Tyrion would be dead too. What good is that?

After my debacle of trying to figure out who killed Joffrey, I finally guessed something right! Oberyn straight up volunteered to be Tyrion's champion. Part of it seems like he's genuinely sorry this little guy has been shat on all his life. But his real motivation is to avenge his sister's death. And Tywin is probably next on his list. But you know if Cersei had just chosen someone else, this never would have happened.

Look at the size of that thing!

Just a bit of trivia. This is the third actor to portray The Mountain, and he's actually the shortest of the three at 6' 9" while the other two were over 7 feet tall. Doesn't matter. I'm not telling this guy he's short...

Freaky Friday

Did the Hound and Arya change brains for an episode? We've watched Arya slowly transform into a more ruthless killer. She stabbed a guy in the heart, and then she cleaned off her blade the same way the Hound did. Now the Hound is showing his softer side? First he put a dying man out of his misery. Then he dealt with Bitey McBiterson. Really? You're going to attack the Hound by biting him?!? That bite's gonna get infected and you'll die in a few days! That'll show you! But afterwards, he told the story of how his brother pushed his face into fire, and you almost... almost feel sorry for him. With a price on his head now, is it even worth going to the Eyrie for ransom? But what else does he have to do?


Things just don't get done at the Wall as Jon Snow still gets no respect from Ser Alliser Thorne. I'm seriously hoping the Wildlings attack soon, because I just can't take anymore of Thorne's incompetent leadership.

Daario Does What He Does Best

And according to Dany, it's not killing people. Daario thinks he's a big shot right now. He walked out of her quarters thinking he was the man and when Jorah saw him, oh sad face for Jorah. The Knight of the Friend Zone couldn't comprehend why Dany would pick this common sellsword over him. But Daario is really just Dany's plaything and glorified messenger. Jorah still has favored adviser status. But I'm betting he'd give that up for some Khaleesi-nookie.

Melisandre the Nude Comedienne

How funny can a woman be who has birthed a black smoke monster? Not much. The biggest takeaway I got from this conversation between the Red Woman and Stannis' wife is how Shireen, Stannis' daughter, is probably going to be sacrificed. She does have King's blood after all.

The Return of Hot Pie!

It's an episode of coincidences. Arya ran into the bandits she met before, and Brienne and Pod just happen to eat where Hot Pie works. Now they know Arya is alive and with the Hound. And Pod showed some amazing insight into where they should go next. Looks like everyone is converging on the Eyrie. But I'm not holding out hope for any reunions just yet. George R.R. Martin doesn't work that way.

To Catch a Predator

When Baelish dropped Lysa like third period French, I can't be the only person to have thought this:

So yeah, that happened. But Lysa had to go. She was crazy and in the way of Littlefinger's true prize, Sansa. Just hearing him talk about how if things turned out differently she could have been his daughter, and then proceeding to kiss her gave me the heebee geebees. Now what to do with Robin? I don't think any of us would mind seeing him fly.

Next week, Game of Thrones takes a break for Memorial Day so you can stuff your face all day AND all night with BBQ. So in the next episode, Oberyn finally fights the Mountain, and Ellaria says the line of the night, "You're going to fight that?!?" Do you think Oberyn has a chance? Would George R.R. Martin kill off a couple of fan favorites? Well it wouldn't be the first time...

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