Thursday, May 15, 2014

We Need A New Army

It's been more than two months since we've had a trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction. Last night, we finally got a new one, and here it is!

The humans have been studying the Transformers, specifically the deceased Megatron.

They find out they're made of a rare metal that has "transforming" properties.

Here's Lockdown, who retains his hook from the Transformers Animated series.

Mark Wahlberg has the greatest line in this movie.

After the men in black come looking for him, Optimus Prime laments how humans are hunting Transformers now.

But much like the Sentinels in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, it looks like everybody's getting targeted now.

And here's Lockdown again without the hook this time.

Optimus getting ready for battle.

Lockdown transforms his face into a gun, I still can't get over this. Although Galvatron's head did transform into his cannon. I really should get over this.

Boom! Down goes Optimus!

Space ships that look like snails. Space snails, that's what we'll call them.

A giant ship come to exterminate humanity?. In my previous breakdown, I said this looked like something Unicron would do.

Yup, that's a boat falling out of the sky on Optimus and Bumblebee.


Bumblebee doing what he does best, saving people.


Optimus has gotten really moody mourning fallen comrades. Hope he's not going the emo Spider-Man route.

Crosshairs getting up.

Hound. He has a beard and smokes so we know he's old.

Marky Mark with a gun that looks surprisingly like a Halo energy sword. Minus the glowing of course.

Bumblebee getting out of the way of rolling debris.

A lot of great looks at Optimus' new sleeker design.

Optimus gets punched.

And sent flying into a wall.

While this guy, Lockdown again? Maybe Galvatron? Prepares to kick the crap out of Prime.

It's not a Michael Bay movie without humans running from explosions.

Seriously? I know Wahlberg is badass but now he's strong enough to stop a Transformer from crushing him?

Hound needs to go on a diet. His design is much like Bulkhead from Transformers Prime.

This Transformer drives over this man in black and sparks fly? Are the men in black robots in disguise?!?

Bumblebee sporting a new looking helmet.

Oh crap!

We need a new army. Enter Grimlock and the Dinobots!

Optimus riding Grimlock with his sword.

This looks like it would make one kickass ride at Universal Studios.

This last sequence is actually pretty awesome. Optimus launches himself from Grimlock.

Throws his sword, and impales an enemy.

When he lands, he grabs his sword, while in the background Grimlock grabs another enemy with his tail.

Optimus spins with his sword attacking another enemy.

Grimlock transfers his enemy to his jaws.

Hero pose for Optimus, while Grimlock flings his prey away.

Transformers: Age of Extinction opens June 27th.

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