Tuesday, March 8, 2016

LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse Build

I spent the better part of last week building the LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse. If you follow my Instagram, you've probably seen the progress pics. If not, here they are in one nice, handy post!

With over 4600 pieces, it's an overwhelming build. Thankfully, the pieces are divided into bags numbered 1-14 to make the build process easier.

Step 1 starts the ground floor, the lockers for the proton packs, and Winston.

Step 2 is the Ecto Containment Unit and Louis Tully/Vinz Clortho.

Step 3 puts up the firehouse doors! Love the brick detail and the mini Ghostbusters sign.

Step 4 fills out Dr. Venkman's office and Janine is there to take all your calls. "Ghostbusters, whadaya want?!?"

Step 5 starts the second floor, with Ray supervising.

Step 6 puts a nicely detailed kitchen, bedroom, and arcade cabinet on the second floor!

Step 7 finishes off the kitchen with a nice table, complete with dancing toaster and mood slime!

Step 8 is the bathroom, complete with Slimer and a hot dog?!? Disgusting blob...

Step 9 starts the third floor with Peter Venkman and oh no! Slimer got loose! Look out Venkman!

Step 10 furnishes the third floor with a lab and a pool table!

Step 11 finishes off the back side of the third floor. Right now it looks like the containment unit exploded and blew off part of the firehouse.

Step 12 is the darkroom, and those Vigo photos keep catching fire! It's Winston to the rescue!

Step 13 finishes off the back corner with the fire escape and stairs. Meanwhile, Ray shows Winston the ecto containment unit. "The light is green, trap is clean!"

Step 14 (final step) adds the roof, a traffic light, and the fireman's pole! Ray loves it! "You gotta try this pole!"

There were 600 total individual building steps and it took about about 10 hours over the course of a week to build it, and I think it looks fantastic.

Here's the firehouse all opened up. It kinda reminds me of the Castle Grayskull playset and how it used to open up.

And just a few more pics. Here's Dana/Zuul and Peter on the roof.

Ray just can't seem to get along with that librarian ghost.

Slimer has taken over the kitchen, while Winston plays video games.

Even ghosts go to the bathroom...

Janine: "Do you want some coffee Mr. Tully?"
Vinz: "Do I?"
Egon: "Yes, have some."
Vinz: "Yes, have some!"

And one final shot of the firehouse with my LEGO Ecto-1.

This was a super fun build, and I highly recommend if you have the money and the space to get it! The LEGO Ghostbusters firehouse is available now at the LEGO store for $350.

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