Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ghostbusters Trailer Breakdown

I haven't talked about the new Ghostbusters film since Paul Feig was announced as the director back in October 2014. Even then I wasn't excited about the prospect of a new Ghostbusters film. I know what you're saying, "But you're a Ghostbusters fan! You SHOULD be into this!" Well, the collective Ghostbusters fandom is entirely divided on this film. And right now, I'm clearly on the fence. I don't care that it's an all female cast. I actually like everyone involved in this movie. I just can't understand why it has to be a REBOOT? It's hard watching a Ghostbusters film where Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston don't exist, and yes I know they don't really exist but you know what I mean! Call it a sequel or an alternate dimension and I would be so on board with this movie! Anyway, here's the first trailer for the movie and you can judge for yourself.

Let's see what this trailer is all about.

For a reboot, it sure is referencing the original movies a lot. Not just in name but the iconic firehouse...

And the logo.

The ladies encounter their first ghost in a museum.

And we waste no time getting a vomit joke.

And another joke about the slime being very hard to wash off.

This trailer so far has Paul Feig stamped all over it.

 They've studied the paranormal all their lives...

And now there are sightings all over New York City. Sound familiar?

Ghosts waiting for the subway.

"There are people out there that need our help."

The new proton packs...

Ironically still sound like the old proton packs...

Kate McKinnon plays Jillian Holtzman, the new Egon of the group.

And I think she's demonstrating the ghost trap here?

Krisin Wiig plays Erin Gilbert, a quantum physicist.

And Melissa McCarthy plays Abby Yates, the comedy relief?

And Leslie Jones plays Patty Tolan,

The street savvy member of the team.

Who also provides the transportation.

And the new headquarters is a Chinese restaurant? No offense but I would not build a LEGO model of this.

Geared up.

The new Ecto-1

Slimer is back!

Okay, maybe Kate McKinnon is the comedy relief?

The new unlicensed nuclear accelerators look a lot smaller than the original proton packs.

Tall, stilt-man ghost walking through Times Square.

Okay, I'll admit it. The new gear looks cool.

Chris Hemsworth enters a room not via hammer for a change.

Ghosts can possess humans, much like Vigo does to Janosz Poha and Ray Stantz in Ghostbusters 2.

 And imbue them with super strength?

Head turn, a la Exorcism.

I'm a fan of Melissa McCarthy, but if you're not, you probably enjoy seeing her get the ghost slapped out of her. Guess nobody had some positively charged mood slime?

Ultimately, the trailer hasn't made me any more or less excited for the film. But I am rooting for it to at least be an entertaining film. What do you think? Has the trailer changed your mind? Or are you still for or against it?

And news flash folks. The success of this film does not change the enjoyment level of the original films. Much like the recent Transformers or Ninja Turtles films, those are franchises with crappy movies that I still adore. So stop saying they're ruining your childhood because they're not!

The new Ghostbusters hits theaters July 15th.

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