Thursday, March 10, 2016

Captain America: Civil War 2nd Trailer Breakdown

But let's not bury the lead here. It's the first time we're seeing Spider-Man! Admittedly, I would have liked his appearance to be a surprise when I see the movie for the first time, but whatever. He looks great, and I'm still totally excited to see this!

There's tons of new footage so let take a close look.

The trailer starts with Captain America saying, "This job. We try to save as many people as we can. Sometimes, that doesn't mean everybody. But you don't give up" As we pan to a shot of the Winter Soldier further etching their bonded brotherhood.

Meanwhile General "Thunderbolt" Ross, now the Secretary of State, recaps the attacks in New York, Washington DC, and Sokovia to the Avengers. He tells Cap that people are afraid. And Tony Stark of course responds, "That's why I'm here."

This underwater base reminds me of the Terror Drome from G.I.JOE.

Tony talks about the team being put in check, while Cap still believes they have the safest hands. Meanwhile, Black Panther is really fast.

War Machine goes down! As Tony tells Cap, "I was wrong about you. The whole world was wrong about you."

Black Widow kicks some butt.

Tony throws the first punch.

And suits up because, "You just started a war!"

Black Panther and his vibranium suit are predictably bulletproof.

Scarlet Witch and Vision are not on good terms right now.

Hawkeye teams up with Ant-Man to take on Iron Man with his classic arrow shot!

Crossbones gets the edge on Captain America.

Tony: "Stay down. Final warning"
Cap: "I could do this all day."

Cap gets some good shots in on Iron Man.

The divided teams, for one reason or another decide to run directly at each other. Kinda reminds me of the X-Men animated series opening credits.

And of course the money shot! Tony calls in a little help from "underoos" aka Spider-Man! Who is apparently Team Iron Man. I love his classic look and I love how his eyes are animated!

Captain America: Civil War opens May 6th.

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