Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Flash: Things You Can't Outrun

In "Things You Can't Outrun," the villain of the week took a backseat to explore the backgrounds of the support team or "geek squad" if you will by showing a lot of flashbacks to the fateful night the particle accelerator exploded.

Here are four things to take away from Things You Can't Outrun.

The Mist

Kyle Nimbus, dubbed the Mist by Cisco can turn himself into poisonous gas because the night of the explosion, he was being executed via gas chamber. Not exactly the best development for the character in this episode, and he was actually dispatched very easily. The Flash kind of just tired him out. But he is the first super-villain to survive and be incarcerated at STAR Labs new makeshift prison. As more meta-human villains get locked up, it'll be more and more likely that they'll all get broken out at some point and it'll be utter chaos in Central City.

Confusing fact: Anthony Carrigan, the actor who portrays the Mist, will also be playing Victor Zsasz in upcoming episodes of Gotham.


You know despite his fiery name and appearance, Firestorm's powers don't have anything to do with fire at all. They involve the altering of inorganic matter at a subatomic level. Robbie Amell plays Ronnie Raymond, one-half of Firestorm whom I personally only know from the Super Friends cartoon from the early 80's. I remember him being introduced to revitalize the show. Unfortunately, it was cancelled after another 2 years.

Victor Garber from Alias will play Dr. Martin Stein, the other half of Firestorm. I'm curious to see how they'll pull off his costume or if he'll even have a costume at all. I found his puffy sleeves to be ridiculously funny.


Dr. Caitlin Snow, also known as Killer Frost in the New 52 DC Universe, is the "ice" counterpart to Ronnie's "fire." A bit too literal you think? In any case, while she is distraught over Ronnie's death, she's on the road to healing at the end of the episode. There haven't been any indications of her having powers or showing any signs of evil, but the season is young.

Harrison Wells

Third episode in a row ending with Dr. Wells doing sinister things. Seriously, what's up with this guy?!? This time it's a flashback to the night of the accident where it seems he knows it's going to happen and transform Barry because he's watching the whole thing in his tiny secret room. We already knew he had knowledge of the future in the first episode. Here it seems to indicate his knowledge reaches back to at least 9 months ago.

And tonight, it's Captain Cold!

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