Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gotham: The Balloonman & Arkham

Last week's episode of Gotham was a bit of a letdown featuring a villain of the week who paled in comparison to the quirky duo of Lily Taylor and Frank Whaley the week before. But "The Balloonman" did offer me something I didn't see coming. It made the Bruce Wayne storyline more interesting. With the Balloonman carrying out his form of vigilante justice, killing corrupt Gothamites by way of weather balloon, it showed that the city really needed someone like that. Someone to stand up against the evil in the city. And Bruce Wayne's recognition of that and the fact that despite the Balloonman's good intentions, he was still a criminal, quickly developed Wayne's "no killing" rule, which is one of Batman's key morals. Of course, we're never going to see the young Wayne become Batman, but it's nice to see the character finally grow up a little instead of remaining the whiny little kid he's been so far.

Mob Wars

With Arkham up for grabs for land development between rival crime families the Falcones and the Maronis, Gotham delivered a great episode Monday night. The villain of the week this time, who I literally shouted out, "Hey! It's Dubaku from 24!" was an assassin who used a device with a telescoping spike to kill his victims. He spiked one victim in the eye. Seriously, how dumb do you have to be to put something to your eye a stranger gives you? And he burned another to death which made me wonder how they can show this stuff on an 8PM show?!? The baddie was ultimately dispatched by Gordon and Bullock when he tried to kill the mayor. In turn, the mayor allowed both crime families to have a piece of Arkham, weakening Falcone and strengthening Maroni. There's definitely a mob war coming.

The Calories in That Cannoli are Gonna Kill You

Penguin continued his quick rise up the criminal corporate ladder. After visiting Gordon, and offering to be his informant, we found out that he was the one behind the hit on Maroni's restaurant that he had been washing dishes in. Killing two birds with one stone; he got rid of the manager and curried the favor of Sal Maroni by "saving" some of his money, and got promoted to the new manager in the process. And to clean up all the loose ends, he poisoned his three flunkies with cannolis. For a town filled with evil, it's got some dumb, trusting people in it. Now Penguin has Maroni's money AND trust. The rise of Penguin is happening quickly.

Girl Fight

Fish Mooney had her own personal Hunger Games looking for a woman who can take care of herself, and also sort of sing. Liza, the winner is probably gonna be used against Falcone in some way since Fish already took care of his mistress in a previous episode.

And in next week's episode titled "Viper," it looks like everyone's getting smacked around!

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