Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! And to celebrate, let's flashback to The Real Ghostbusters Halloween themed episode, "When Halloween Was Forever," featuring Samhain, the ghost of Halloween. He's a giant robed ghost with a pumpkin for a head, big gnarly teeth, and a questionable Irish accent. The episode originally aired on Nov 1, 1986, the 8th episode of the first season, and part of ABC's Saturday morning cartoon block.

The episode starts with the Ghostbusters on some unusually difficult ghostbusting jobs. They even get interviewed on TV.

When they get back to firehouse, Egon is for some reason reluctant to offer an opinion to the others as to what's going on. So Peter threatens to tell Slimer there's a cupcake in Egon's sock. He relents and tells the others that some 7th century Irish artifacts made their way to NY and may have something to do with the surge in ghosts.

All the while, Slimer is searching for snacks in really inappropriate places.

Meanwhile, a couple of goblins break into the museum and rather easily free Samhain from his stone prison. His release wreaks more havoc in the city turning ordinary objects into ghosts.

The goblins who broke out Samhain, for some reason go trick or treating at the firehouse and take out Janine the big, bad wolf way.

The Ghostbusters head out and realize what's going on. Mass hysteria I tell ya!

Samhain summons all ghosts to him, and Slimer gets caught. Poor Slimer!

The Ghostbusters spend hours busting ghosts, but realize time has slowed down. Egon surmises Samhain wants to make Halloween night last forever.

Samhain is too powerful, but Egon being his brilliant self, discovers his weakness by shining a flashlight at him. This was an era where Mumm-Ra couldn't see his reflection, Cobra Commander was an idiot, and Skeletor and the Shredder were easily defeated. Being afraid of light was nothing... ;P

He devises a plan, and sends the others off for a frontal assault as a distraction. Animation error, look, two Egons are better than 1!

Slimer refuses to obey Samhain and is tortured for his insolence by being turned into Stretch Armstrong. Poor Slimer!

Egon tricks some ghosts driving a car to help him position spotlights around the building Samhain is on, while the other Ghostbusters fight their way to the top.

When the Ghostbusters arrive at the top, they find Slimer held captive. Ray yells PIZZA, and it's enough for Slimer to escape.

Egon sets up the spotlights, activates them, and successfully weakens Samhain enough for the Ghostbusters to trap him. And it's another animation error! Egon's at the top of the building instead of Winston from behind!

The world is saved, again... and everything returns to normal. The Ghostbusters put Samhain into the containment unit and see him sulking by himself, biding his time. He would go on to make additional appearances in the cartoon and IDW comics.

Slimer and Janine come in and scare the Ghostbusters, but they get back at her with something that would probably call for a sexual harassment lawsuit nowadays.

And there you have it! Yes the animation was sloppy, and the plot was a little simplistic, but as an 11-year old kid, I didn't care because it was freaking Ghostbusters! I hope you enjoyed this little walk down memory lane with me. Have a Happy Halloween everybody!

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