Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Breakdown

Spider-Man is back, in a more classic costume, and bigger eyes!  The trailer starts with Spidey falling through the sky and monologuing about making more enemies the longer he's around.  That's when we get a brief look at the Rhino suit, which is basically a mech.  I'm in for that because Paul Giamatti may be a good actor, but he's no musclebound Rhino.

Then another brief glimpse of someone (Harry Osborne?) in a Pacific Rim/Halo armor suit.  And it's green so Green Goblin?

Even in his new and improved costume, you can feel the emoness in Spidey.

Peter apologizes for being late to Gwen, but doesn't use the phrase, "There was a disturbance."

Harry Osborne looks so emo-preppy.  Is that even a thing?!?  Anyway, Harry wonders why Oscorp would have Peter under surveillance.  Maybe because Peter was in a restricted area of Oscorp with some genetically altered spiders?

Peter talks with Aunt May about secrets and then we see a video of Richard Parker sorta claiming Oscorp had some nefarious plans for whatever research he was conducting.  Yet another added subplot this reboot probably didn't need.

Now some fan service.  The shot on the right is clearly Doc Ock's harness.  And there are wings on the left, probably for Vulture?

Harry talks about changing the world, and it looks like it involves changing everyone into electrical beings.  I suppose that would make everybody's Facebook posts much faster.  This is a very Watchmen-esque shot.

Spidey about to throw a manhole cover at Rhino in front of an explosion because why not.

Jamie Foxx as Electro.  Gotta say, kinda glad they didn't go with the green spandex and yellow lightning bolt mask.

I have no idea who this guy is, but Spidey's about to kick the living crap outta him.

Some Electro monologuing about typical super-villain stuff leads into a chase between Spidey & Electro which is clearly there as a potential level of the inevitable video game.

And that's it!  Are you excited/interested/ho-hummed by the trailer?  This looks to be an improvement over the last movie, but then again, that's not saying much.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes out May 2nd.


  1. I think the dude in the second to last screenshot is Osborne / Goblin.

    I am ho-hummed. I usually try to keep pretty positive about these kinds of movies but this doesn't feel like Spiderman at all. Too, too heavy... there's a certain innocence I'm looking for in a story about a neighborhood crime fighter wisecracking through battles with B and C-level bad-guys. I mean didn't Electro and Rhino do stuff like rob banks or whatever? There was an element of fun in those stories. Peter does mature and deal with some of the heavier stuff in the comics, and it's a challenging balancing act... But the trailer doesn't show me that they tried very hard. The Marvel/Disney films do a better job I think... heck the Iron Man movies are better Spiderman films if you catch my drift. I feel like with this trailer you could plug Batman in there and it would still work...

    1. There's a Chris Nolan effect in a lot of superhero movies now. They all have to be dark & gritty, and have epic stakes. That kinda robs them of their fun factor. The Marvel movies do the exact opposite and have a lot of fun with their characters, and I think that makes their movies way more fun to watch.