Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 nerdy views in Review

2018 was another fun year of going to conventions and making stuff! Here's a look at some of the things I did this past year!

My second year at Emerald City Comic Con was so much fun! I got to see so many amazing cosplayers and makers there!

I wont lie. I went to Garden State Comic Fest explicitly to see the Cybertronic Spree in concert, but I definitely had an awesome time there making this video.

Last July, I was invited by the Connecticut Ghostbusters to help out at ComicCONN. While there, we filmed this Hot Trap video with Chad Lindberg from the first Fast & Furious movie!

I took video from last year's Fan Expo Boston but never made a video. So I decided to make a quick cosplay video using footage from last year and this year's convention!

TerrifiCon is one of those conventions I've gone to for multiple years and always have a great time. And this year, in its new space at Mohegan Sun, it might have been the best one yet!

World Maker Faire isn't a comic or cosplay convention, but it is now a must attend event for me. Filled with makers from all around the world, it's just awesome to see what people can imagine and make real!

New York Comic Con is basically my hometown convention that I've been going to for almost 10 years. This year I got to meet amazing people, hang out with awesome friends, and make this cosplay video!

This was my first trip to Anime NYC, and I admittedly didn't know like 90% of the cosplay there because I've been out of the anime game for a while. But I've recently gotten back into it and I'm so happy I did!

I also made things this year with the help of Fusion 360 and my 3D printer! First up is this totally functional Filament Clip to keep filament in its place on the spool.

I also made this Deadpool Emoji Coin which is also available as a keychain.

I also made this Ecto-1 License Plate Keychain.

For the Punished Props 250K subscriber challenge, I made this Makonde Dagger.

While it's not something I specifically made, I did add lights to my LEGO Ecto-1.

And finally, I tried out a new video format when I made my Tesseract!

If you've watched and enjoyed any of my videos, thanks so much for your support! Here's to doing and making more amazing things in 2019!


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