Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Ecto-1 License Plate Keychain

Here's an Ecto-1 license plate keychain I modeled in Fusion 360. I took a picture of the license plate, imported it into Fusion 360, and built the layers on top of it drawing out each individual letter. 

Here's how it compares to the actual size license plate.

Here's how it compares to LEGO Egon. The keychain is approximately 75mm wide (3 inches) and 3mm thick.

I've uploaded the model to Thingiverse so you can print one as well! I have models with and without the keyhole. And it was printed using Prusa Colorprint which allows me to change filaments at different layers. These I printed with Solutech orange PLA for the first 2mm and then MatterHackers midnight blue Pro PLA for the remaining 1mm for the letters.

And just to show a keychain will actually work... ;)

Happy printing & Who Ya Gonna Call?!?


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