Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Game of Thrones: The Winds of Winter

I was waiting for an inevitable nut punch in this episode of Game of Thrones and it surprised me by not giving me one in the immensely satisfying season finale, The Winds of Winter. Here are some of the most memorable moments from this episode.

Cersei was Dynamite

Cersei played an incredibly explosive game, having Maester Pycelle murdered by the "little birds" and igniting the wildfire beneath the Sept which essentially disintegrated everyone who did anything bad to her, including Lancel & Kevan Lannister, pretty much the whole Tyrell family, and most importantly, the High Sparrow. Margaery played Sherlock, put two and two together and realized they should leave, but the Faith Militant's blind faith killed them all in a brilliant burst of green flame. And I must also say the score during the whole beginning of this episode was awesome.

Shame, Shame, Shame

One last person to take care of as Cersei gifts Septa Unella to the zombie Mountain. Shame!

Tommen Takes a Plunge

I literally said "What the fuck just happened?" when Tommen took his own life. Cersei's prophecy is coming true with all her kids dead. Now with nothing left to live for, she's definitely not going to get any nicer.

Samwell Goes to the Library

And what a library it is. Sam acts like I would in a Transformers toy store.  And check out the chandelier which is essentially the Game of Thrones opening credits. What if this entire series was Sam's recount of it and he's writing it in that great library?

Davos Confronts Melisandre

Just some superb acting by Liam Cunningham and Carice Van Houten, as Melisandre confesses to Shireen's immolation and is sent away never to return. Maybe she'll end up hooking up with the Brotherhood Without Banners?

Winter is Here

Sansa confirms that Winter is finally here and we can stop saying "Winter is coming."

Lady Olenna Tells the Sand Snakes to Shut Up

She does what we've wanted to since last season, as Varys shows up to make an alliance.

The Hand of the Queen

Daario is left behind as Tyrion is made Dany's most trusted advisor.

Arya FTW

Arya pulls her Mission: Impossible mask off and Argus Filch finally gets it after unknowingly eating his sons. And it's just that extra bit of justice that she kills him the same way her mother was killed.

Creepy Littlefinger

What does Littlefinger want? The Iron Throne. And Sansa. In an episode where a "nun" is violated and a man eats his own sons, this is the part where I went "ewwwww..."

Jon Snow's Lineage

Bran flashes back to find out Jon Snow's real parents are Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, a true child of ice and fire, and a confirmation of a long held theory by fans.

Lyanna Mormont is a Boss

This little lady has more balls than all the men in that room as she makes everyone realize that Jon Snow is the King in the North. Jon should be proud of her too since she has his mother's name. ;)

"He's my king. From this day until his last day!"
Queen Cersei

She decimated pretty much everyone in power in King's Landing so why not take the Iron Throne since there's no one to stop her? Unless Jaime realizes she's become the Mad Queen and he has to become the Queenslayer, which just sounds like a heavy metal band.

Khaleesi's Army and Navy and Air Force

With a Dothraki & Unsullied army, a navy from the Ironborn and Masters, and her dragon air force, she's got all her bases covered over land and sea and air. With King's Landing basically decimated, who can stop her?

Well that certainly was an amazing season! Thanks for reading my recaps and I hope to continue doing them next year!