Thursday, June 2, 2016

Devastator Weathering Project

One day I looked at my Combiner Wars Devastator, which is BTW still available on Amazon, and said to myself, "He looks way too clean. Constructicons should be dirty!" And so started another project. This time to weather the crap out of Devastator and make him look like the filthy Transformer he's supposed to look like.

This was really just a simple weathering project using black and brown acrylic paint, watering it down a little, slathering it on Devastator, then wiping most of it off leaving the paint in the low areas where grime would naturally accumulate. This highlighted a lot of the detail on the figure that got washed out because it was all one color. Anyway, here are some before and after shots of the individual Constructicons.

Scavenger before.

Scavenger after. I also used an airbrush to paint the tire treads.

Bonecrusher before.

Bonecrusher after. I also used an airbrush on the tire treads and the scoop for some dirty gradient.

Scrapper before.

Scrapper after. I think this one came out particularly cartoony.

Mixmaster before.

Mixmaster after. I realized this was the front after painting.

Hook and Long Haul before. It was a pain to take these guys apart so I left them together.

Long Haul after.

Hook after.

I also did some silver drybrush on the hands and forearms. The hands will be painted purple.

And now, Constructicons, merge for the kill!

Prepare for extermination!

I especially like the all the detail that came out on the legs.

This project took roughly three to four hours to complete, and I'm super happy with the results. If you'd like to see more projects like this or have any suggestions, let me know!

And here's a link to a lot more pictures of this project!

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