Saturday, April 30, 2016

Ghostbusters News

You know I have an enormous love for the original Ghostbusters. In fact as I'm typing this post, I'm watching the movie on VH1. Anyway, this week, a whole slew of news came out regarding the original Ghostbusters movie.

The Return of Ecto Cooler


If you're a fan of orangey, sugary drinks with loads of artificial coloring, good news! is reporting that the Hi-C Ecto Cooler is coming back. While it's in conjunction with the reboot, it's really for fans of the original movie and The Real Ghostbusters cartoon because of it's popularity in the late 80's through the 90's. So sometime this summer, you'll be able to turn your pee and poo green! You can check out more information over at

Ghostbusters Theater Re-release


The original movie did return to theaters in 2014 for the 30th anniversary and to promote the Blu-Ray. Now it's coming back again on June 8th because why not? Maybe Sony is making a money grab for all the fans who aren't planning to go see the reboot? In any case, check out for more information, and for tickets to an event being held in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

ANOVOS Proton Packs


A few months ago, ANOVOS, a high end prop and costume making company, revealed that they had acquired the rights to produce Ghostbusters props. Now they've finally released details and a $600 pre-order for the proton pack kit which is estimated to be available in November. Mind you, you still have to assemble and paint the prop yourself, and the light and sound kits are not included but considering making your own screen accurate pack can cost upwards of a thousand dollars, and pre-made packs are available on ebay for more than twice that, $600 is actually a pretty good deal. And it'll come right in time for the end of this year's convention season. :( Or on the bright side, it's early for next year's season? Anyway, this is something I'll keep my eye on as I build another proton pack on my own. ;)

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