Monday, December 8, 2014

Terminator: Genisys Trailer Breakdown

The fact that I'm finally getting to my breakdown of Terminator: Genisys four days after the premiere of the trailer should give you an indication of the enthusiasm level I have for this film. The first two films in the series written and directed by James Cameron are science-fiction masterpieces and that legacy is the only reason I'm giving this reboot a shot. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines was pretty much a lazy rehash of Judgment Day, but still worth watching if only to see Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Terminator again. Salvation unfortunately was a complete train wreck. Eschewing the time-travel aspect of the previous films, Salvation took place in the future during the war with the machines. The lack of Schwarzenegger as well as any resemblance to any other movie in the franchise made it the lowest rated of the series as well as the least profitable. Now with Genisys, according to the trailer, the "rules have been reset." They've brought back Arnold, and "rebooted" the franchise making this one an alternate timeline combining elements from the first two films in the series. You know, the good ones...

As if this series could get any more complicated. Try to wrap your brain around my breakdown of this trailer.

The trailer starts in the future with John Connor (Jason Clarke) addressing his men, one of whom is Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney).

"I look at each of you, and I see the marks of this long and terrible war."

And it looks like the humans are hilariously over-matched.

The Terminator endoskeleton is still one of the best robot designs, period.

Connor recounts how the machines sent a Terminator back in time to kill his mother, Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke).

Kyle Reese volunteers to get sent back in time to protect her.

It's the time machine! A lot bigger than a DeLorean...

Reese gets sent back and is immediately cornered in a store by a police officer who is in fact the T-1000.

A vehicle comes crashing through the wall and momentarily takes out the T-1000.

"Come with me if you want to live," is one of the trademark lines of the Terminator series. And now in a "let's change it up because we think it'll be cool" kind of way, the line is delivered by an utterly not-helpless Sarah Connor.

She fires at the police officer, only for it to be revealed as I told you before, the T-1000.

Yeah I'll admit, the use of CGI 20 years later is better than the puppet of Robert Patrick used in Judgment Day.

Sarah tells Reese that the Terminator that he was sent back to protect her from has already been taken care of...

By old Arnold...

Okay, Arnie. You're gonna need more than a shotgun to take care of this younger CGI version of yourself. Which also raises the almost certain probability there will be a fight between the old and young Terminators. Will it be epic like the T-800 facing off against the T-1000? Or more than likely will it be kind of awkward and use entirely too much CGI?

The T-1000 is up to his old tricks. Does this make Lee Byung-Hun the first Asian Terminator?

"Everything's changed." I'll say. It looks like a T-800 was sent back in time to when Sarah was a young girl and protected her all this time to adulthood. This is also the explanation as to why the Terminator looks old. This is a preventative measure that actually makes sense.

Arnold and his endoskeleton arm. Is Miles Dyson in this film too?

The T-1000 as always, is relentless.

Here they go again, trying to stop Judgment Day.

Terminators with big guns. No telling where this is in the movie. One would think it's in the future timeline, but who knows.

A bus literally flips over.

And Sarah has to save Reese, and the Terminator has to save them both. You know, I'm all for Sarah Connor being kickass because she is, but I get the feeling Kyle Reese has been pushed to irrelevancy. The two fell in love when Reese saved her life, and thus John Connor was conceived. How is wussy Reese gonna win Sarah's affections now?!?

There's the classic line, "I'll be back." Kind of overused at this point. But I do feel like it would be cool if in the scene before this when they're trying to escape, he yells, "Get to the chopper!"

And Arnold literally jumps out of a helicopter to destroy another one.

Eyes will roll when Terminator: Genisys opens July 1, 2015.

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