Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Deadpool Test Footage in High Quality

You've probably already seen the leaked Deadpool test footage earlier this week with Ryan Reynolds voicing the character in a blurry video that was taken by a camcorder. Now, Rob Liefeld has pretty much confirmed that the footage is real and very much in the test phase.
And that video is now available in higher quality. Check it out!

UPDATE: The test footage keeps getting taken down due to copyright claims by Fox. Hope you got to see it while it was up!

UPDATE #2: Gonna try to keep updating this to include the video!

The footage is funny, definitely at least R rated, and makes me think a CGI movie for this might be a good option. But as Liefeld has said, this is only test footage, and the higher ups at Fox would have the last say. And we all know how bright those executives can be. ;)

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