Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Another Pirates Movie?!?

Variety is reporting that another Pirates of the Caribbean movie will be hitting theaters July 2017. It's easy to understand why they're making a fifth film in the series reportedly titled Dead Men Tell No Tales, since the franchise has brought in over $3.7 billion in at the box office, but the declining quality in the movies makes me wonder if the public's interest has waned on Captain Jack Sparrow. Though that $1 billion gross on the last film in the series serves to shut me up.

The Curse of the Black Pearl was an unexpected success which I really liked. Dead Man's Chest was okay, but At World's End was a movie that seemed bloated and complicated just for the sake of being bloated and complicated. The best thing to come out of those sequels was Davy Jones. The CGI was so incredible, it turned me off seafood for weeks. I "saw" On Stranger Tides on an airplane ride once, which means I fell asleep while watching it so my interest level has clearly not been that enthusiastic for a while, but who knows. Maybe in three years, that urge to see Captain Jack in action again will return.

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