Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday February 24, 2014 Catchup

Back in September of 2006, a little show called Heroes premiered on NBC and brought ordinary "superheroes" to TV. Well, Heroes is coming back to TV in 2015 as Heroes Reborn. That first season of Heroes, save for the last episode, was great. It was new, and the story was clever and compelling. I enjoyed it so much I wrote episode recaps. Then in the second season, the writer's strike happened, the writing lost focus which derailed the show and it was never the same. I still wrote about it, but it was more out of hope the show would get better. It didn't and by season 3, I was off the boat as were millions of others. Now NBC is bringing back series creator Tim Kring to launch Heroes Reborn as a 13 episode mini-series. While the news doesn't have me excited, I'm at the very least interested in what this may become.

Over at, word is the producers of Batman vs Superman are looking to cast a young, physically fit black actor for a role. The Internet, as it so often does has already made up its mind saying that the role will be Victor Stone aka Cyborg. Stay calm people, don't get excited or outraged. It's a small role, probably just a cameo to set up future films, and he may not even be in full Cyborg form. But it really makes me feel bad for Superman, because this is supposed to be HIS sequel, and it seems like he's just getting crammed out of it.

Mike Judge (Office Space, Beavis & Butthead) has a new series. It's called Silicon Valley, and it's about some computer programmers who try to begin their own start-up business. It has the juicy timeslot right after Game of Thrones on HBO. Check out the trailer.

I saw a few Oscar nominated movies this weekend, which is usually not my wheelhouse, but here are my thoughts.

Gravity is a spectacularly looking film about survival in space. There's no alien or Predator chasing anybody though. Director Alfonso Cuaron should be credited with making a beautiful and creative film. Some shots seem like they last forever, and space really feels like it might feel, vast, empty & terrifying.

The first thing I thought about American Hustle is how many superheroes are in this film? Batman, Hawkeye, Mystique, Lois Lane, the voice of Rocket Raccoon... Yeah, sometimes I'm too nerdy for my own good. It's a con film, it takes place in the 70s/80s, and it's extremely well acted.

The Wolf of Wall Street, now we're talking entertainment I can get into. It's about a stockbroker's rise to riches through securities fraud, and all the debauchery that comes with it. Scorsese's stamp is all over this film and at times it looks like Goodfellas' illegitimate child. But the movie is wicked fun & super entertaining. So chances are, it won't win the Oscar. :P

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