Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Breakdown

If you haven't had a chance to see the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy which premiered during Jimmy Kimmel Live, watch it here!

There's a lot going on in this trailer so let's break it down.

The trailer opens with Chris Pratt who plays Peter Quill, leader of the Guardians walking into a giant structure.

In what looks like an homage to Raiders of the Lost Ark, Quill is about to take an artifact.

Quill is stopped by Djimon Hounsou who plays Korath the Pursuer and we instantly get the tone of this trailer, and probably the movie when Quill gets asked who he is and Korath has no idea. I got a real Mystery Men / Pirates of the Caribbean vibe from this scene.

Whoa! John C. Reilly is in this film? He's a member of the Nova Corps, who I've honestly never heard of but I instantly thought of Brainiac when I saw the logo. Yeah, I know, wrong universe...

And here they flat out introduce the Guardians starting with Drax the Destroyer played by Dave Bautista.

Zoe Saldana plays green-skinned Gamora, who I'm surprised to find out is not a prehistoric tortoise kaiju. :P

Bradley Cooper voices Rocket, a raccoon with an attitude that apparently loves guns.

Vin Diesel voices Groot, a giant tree-like creature.

And here's Peter Quill again showing just how much of an ass he is.

Here we have a prison guard using Quill's headphones, which are most certainly not Beats by Dre.

Quill tries to get them back, and it doesn't end well for the wise-ass.

Not sure what vehicle this is, but it kind of looks like the Phoenix from Gatchaman.

A look at some of the inmates in the prison facility who look ready to fight.

Rocket on Groot's back firing his gun in a prison breakout?

Word is Chris Pratt gave up beer and worked out to get those abs.

Gamora again, who has a Wicked Witch of the West thing going on here.

Some ships falling / flying out of the sky...

...and are probably bombing the area down below.

Karen Gillan (one of Doctor Who's companions) playing Nebula, the main female villain.

Korath running through the rain.

Drax about to unleash hell.

Gamora looking even more Wicked Witchy.

Villain pose by Nebula.

Drax getting owned by someone a lot stronger than he is.

Benicio del Toro as the Collector, who you may have already seen in the after credits scene of Thor: The Dark World.

Quill piloting a ship...

...possibly this ship.

Best look at Drax yet. Pretty badass.

Groot laying the smackdown on someone.

Quill with his mask on outside.

Rocket with more guns!

"They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy." "What a bunch of A-Holes."

And a final look at the Guardians, as "Hooked on a Feeling" plays as the trailer music which makes me think of Reservoir Dogs.

I'm digging the tone of the trailer. I want my superheroes to be fun to watch, not weighed down in gritty reality like Man of Steel was, or filled with teenage angst like Amazing Spider-Man was. There is so much weirdness going on and it keeps me interested. This is the first Marvel movie I'm approaching with zero comic book knowledge. I was already on board before, now I'm super excited to see this. What do you think? Are you excited or was the trailer a letdown?

Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1st.

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