Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday January 13, 2014 Catchup

Let's not bury the lead. The Game of Thrones Season 4 trailer is out! It has King Joffrey still being an utter prat, Ser Jorah Mormont dishing some advice, Daenerys Targaryen offering an ultimatum, Tyrion in cuffs, and tons more. Simply put, there's a lot of "Whose side are you on?" kind of talk. Game of Thrones premieres Sunday April 6th.

The Hollywood Reporter has some juicy Star Wars news. But consider it all rumors since nothing is confirmed. J.J. Abrams seems to have a laundry list of actors he's interested in for the new trilogy. Among those names are Michael Fassbender, Hugo Weaving, & Benedict Cumberbatch. The latest name to get added to the list is Jesse Plemons, who was "dead-eyed" Todd on Breaking Bad. Additionally, it looks like the plot which was originally going to be mostly about the original trios kids, is now going to focus heavily on Luke, Han & Leia, with their kids in supporting roles. Read more about it at

Sticking with Star Wars, this past week Peter Mayhew who played Chewbacca, tweeted out a bunch of old, behind the scenes photos of his time on Star Wars. It's a great backstage look at the original trilogy and it really looks like they had a lot of fun. Check out all the pics here or at Peter Mayhew's twitter @TheWookieRoars

CES ended this past week. Did you hear anything relevant come out of it? Me neither. This year, the product pimpings of choice I heard about the most were curved TVs, more wearable technology, and electric scooters. Not exactly stuff I'm interested in. It forces us to ask the question, is CES relevant anymore? Incremental changes in products are good if it adds something important to the user experience. Things don't have to be revolutionary to get my attention. But curved TVs just sound kind of ridiculous. There's a great article over on about how CES is mostly bullshit. I tend to agree.

And finally, I just wanted to give congratulations to Breaking Bad for winning their first Golden Globe for Outstanding Television Series, and to Bryan Cranston for his first Golden Globe for playing Walter White. Yup, it's both their first, surprised the hell out of me too. And in a huge Usual Suspects style twist, Brooklyn Nine-Nine won for Best TV Comedy and Andy Samberg won for Best Actor in a Comedy. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is extremely funny in a very quirky kind of way, and Andy Samberg fits right into the show. You can watch it over at right now. Check it out!

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