Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday January 3, 2014 Holiday Catchup

Happy New Year! Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. Here are a few things that came up recently that you probably didn't miss, but I'd like to talk about anyway.

We've got our first look at the Guardians of the Galaxy, courtesy of director James Gunn's twitter. From left to right there's Zoe Saldana as green-skinned Gamora, Chris Pratt as anti-hero Peter Quill aka Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon who will be voiced by Bradley Cooper, WWE wrestler Dave Batista as musclebound Drax the Destroyer, and finally the giant tree dude is Groot who will be voiced by Vin Diesel. If you've watched the end credits of the last Thor movie, you'll get an idea of how weird this movie is going to be, and this group pic just reinforces that weirdness. You can check out a more detailed breakdown over at

There was another look at The Amazing Spider-Man 2 this New Year's introduced by none other than Stan Lee. The tease is basically Electro wreaking havoc in Times Square, and Spider-Man being his usual witty self. Nothing really of note, it's just good to see Stan Lee still enthusiastic after all these years.

The Mythbusters are back! And this time they're busting Star Wars myths like could Luke & Leia really have swung across that chasm in the Death Star? Could Ewoks really have taken down Imperial Walkers with just logs? And just how warm is it inside of a tauntaun? And do they really smell that bad? Okay, even I admit the Mythbusters are running out of myths. Their last special focused on zombies and the Walking Dead, and now they've moved into utter sci-fi fantasy. But I'm a big fan of the show, especially Adam Savage and his website. Did you know his first acting job was on a Billy Joel video? Extra nerd points if you knew that. Anyway, realize that this is just entertainment, and just enjoy it. The "Sith-Busters" special airs this Saturday January 4th, check your local listings.

And finally, you probably heard that James Avery passed away this week. You probably remember him as Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but he was also the voice of the Shredder from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon from the 80's. You can even sometimes hear it in his voice when he's yelling at Will Smith. Here's an interview he did regarding his voice work on TMNT and voice acting in general. RIP James Avery.

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