Thursday, November 3, 2016

Wonder Woman Trailer

A new Wonder Woman trailer is finally out!

Wonder Woman was easily the best part of the much maligned Batman v Superman which I actually enjoyed for what it's worth, so I'm super excited for this one.

The trailer starts with Wonder Woman walking through Paris.

She talks about once having wanted to save the world.

As she looks at an old picture, the same picture that Lex Luthor had in Batman v Superman.

Diana watches Steve Trevor's plane crash, and she subsequently dives into the ocean to save him.

An army of men storm the Amazonian beach.

The Amazons fight back led by Robin Wright as General Antiope.

It looks like a bullet is about to kill the swinging archer.

And Steve saves Diana?

Steve's mission is to stop the war. Diana asks, "What war?"

"The war to end all wars." The Klingons? The Romulans? The Cardassians? The Borg? No wait, I'm getting ahead of myself here...

"Weapon is far deadlier than you can ever imagine." As the gas breaks the glass of one of the goggles, but obviously doesn't break the glass that's holding the mask?

Hey, it's Colonel Stryker! In that movie that never existed...

Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolyta, Diana's mother.

Diana will not stand by as innocent lives are lost.

She takes a shield and a sword, and presumably a few other Wonder Woman accessories.

She's a secretary.

She's a very good secretary.

Wonder Woman deflects all the bullets!

"It is our sacred duty to defend the world."

"And it's what I'm going to do." You tell 'em!

Wonder Woman ready for action!

Steve Trevor yells!

But bullets mean nothing to Wonder Woman. They are like the buzzing of flies to her!

Windows also pose no threat at all.

That is not a good way to conceal your sword.

Steve Trevor looking all Captain Kirky here...

Wonder Woman on a horse!

Wonder Woman and

Steve Trevor share a moment...

So athletic and acrobatic...

So what happened to Robin Wright? She's got kind of a Phantom of the Opera thing going here.

The Golden Lasso!

Wonder Woman kicks ass while deflecting a sword.

Wonder Woman, it's gonna be electric!

And I'm happy her theme from Batman v. Superman carried over. It's so good!

So what do you think? There's definitely loads of action and some humor in it so I'm looking forward to it next year.

Wonder Woman opens June 2nd, 2017.

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