Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Real Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary

My love for Ghostbusters is well documented on this site. Just look at my avatar and the fact that there's a "Ghostbusters" section at the top. But while my interest in this fantastic foursome started with the original 1984 movie, my love for it didn't develop until The Real Ghostbusters premiered thirty years ago today. The Real Ghostbusters debuted September 13th, Saturday morning on ABC with "Ghosts R Us." Let's take a look at the episode that started off the series.

The premise of this episode was simple. A family of annoying ghosts tries to put the Ghostbusters out of business by pretending to be a rival ghost busting business. It was a nice package of a little episode to introduce a whole new group of kiddies to the franchise that may have been too young or too scared to have seen the original movie or to further cement that fandom in those of us who enjoyed it. :)

While the character designs were completely different, the feel was much more kiddie, and Slimer had taken on a mascot role, this was the perfect show for an 11-year-old kid to latch on to.

Throughout its 140+ episodes, its Saturday morning cartoon run, its run in syndication on weekdays after school, and its eventual migration to a more Slimer based show, there were some pretty memorable characters and episodes. The Boogeyman is still kinda terrifying to me:

While the series can still be bought in a DVD set released in 2009 complete with firehouse case, there's another cheaper, more streamlined set, but you don't get all the episodes. :(

But still, today I've been binging a bit on episodes and reminiscing about my childhood, and just wanted to share some of my experience. So happy 30th birthday Real Ghostbusters!

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