Friday, February 12, 2016

Batman v Superman Final Trailer

If you haven't had a chance to see the latest trailer for Batman v Superman, here it is!

Since I took my sweet ass time to get to this, if you'd like to check out a really cool trailer breakdown, go read Katharine Trendacosta's post on io9. It's very detailed and hits on all the points I like. But, I'd still like to point out the three things I enjoyed the most about this trailer.

The opening Batman fight is absolutely awesome. I'll give it to Zack Snyder. I like the way he does fight scenes. This one in particular showcases Batman's agility and ability and the whole fight is great, but my favorite part is where Bats literally just slams this guy's head into a wooden crate in one fluid jumping motion.

I know Batman and Superman are the main players here, but I feel like part of me is just gonna be waiting for Wonder Woman to show up as she does here. It's the same reveal from the previous trailer with a giant leap added afterward. I can't wait to see her kick some ass.

The final scene of the trailer shows the match-up between Bats & Supe may be more even than we thought. Who knows what happens before this. Maybe Bats doses Superman with some kryptonite? Whatever it is, the look on Superman's face when Batman blocks his punch could be the "oh shit" moment of the summer.

Batman blocks Superman's punch on March 25th.

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