Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Closer Look at the LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse

The LEGO Facebook page just dropped an album full of detailed pictures of the LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse. So let's take a closer look at some of them. Above is the cover for the box and here's the back.

The classic firehouse doors that Ecto-1 comes racing out of.

The firehouse opens up! Kinda reminds me of how Castle Grayskull used to open up.

Yes, I know this is basically I giant dollhouse, but I still want it!

With all the food that Slimer eats, I guess he had to go to the bathroom eventually.

Egon playing a Ghostbusters video game!

Pizza party! The LEGO Ninja Turtles would fit right in here.

The Ghostbusters are a messy bunch.

Winston saves the day as the Vigo photos go up in flames.

"Yes, have some!"

"Ordinary household toaster."

"You gotta try this pole!"

And of course the mini-figs!

Egon, Slimed Peter, Ray, & Winston

Janine, Louis as Vinz, Dana as Zuul, and Slimer

Pink ghost, Taxi Driver ghost, blue ghost, and Librarian ghost

The LEGO Ghostbuster Firehouse will be available in January 2016 for $349.99. Yes I know it's expensive but the sheer size and detail in this set, plus being a huge Ghostbusters fan make it worth it to me.

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