Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Transformers Generation Stop Motion

I've talked about stop-motion aficionado Harris Loureiro before. He did this awesome Optimus Prime vs Devastator video last year, and recently did a Megatron stop-motion video showing off the new third party figure, Apollyon. Now he's at it again, this time with 15 minutes of stop-motion goodness that includes plenty of Transformers. Watching the video, it goes to show these Masterpiece and third party figures are super detailed and very poseable. This was a labor of love for Loureiro as this video took six months to complete. This definitely has a G1 feel to it, and hopefully there will be a sequel. I'm willing to wait another six months for it. Good job Harris!

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  1. The Transformers Generation features extremely amazing stop-motion work that beautifully revives classic characters. Every frame reflects the artistry and attention to detail. The varied career paths that people follow some actors who went to Harvard for example got me to thinking about it. The points where skill and education converge in the entertainment industry are always fascinating to observe!