Thursday, February 5, 2015

Furious 7 Trailer #2

On Sunday, the New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks. More importantly, one of the commercials to debut during the game was a minute long trailer for Furious 7. Even more importantly, a new extended trailer debuted yesterday showcasing nearly three minutes of footage. If you can't get enough of the Fast & Furious franchise, here's the trailer in all its ridiculous glory.

While the first three movies in the franchise were about racing, and the last three were essentially heist movies, this latest installment seems to be taking the "revenge" direction. Maybe that's why the movies always feel fresh, even though they don't really add anything new. It doesn't matter. I'm still excited to see it! Now onto the breakdown.

Dom is always driving a black Charger.

Life is good. He's got Letty back.

His brother-in-law, Brian.

His sister Mia.

Extended family Tej and Roman.

Even Han shows up for a bit.

The last scene in Fast 6 shows the family having dinner back at Dom's home.

But Dom receives a call.

From someone he doesn't know, but is about to.

A package delivered to his home explodes and he saves Mia just in time.

The house is toast.

Agent Hobbs lets Dom know who did it.

It's the older brother of Owen Shaw, the guy they offed in the last film.

Letty is... concerned...

Jason Statham is a certifiable bad-ass.

He can take on anybody with ease.

Even the Rock isn't safe.

Although he's about to get Rock-bottomed.

Rock may need to tag someone in.

The Rock recovers!

But Statham has another trick up his sleeve.

Why are these grenades so fancy?!?

The room explodes and the Rock gets blasted out the window on top of a car. And he SURVIVES.

The team overlooks the city.

See, told ya the Rock survived. He just had a broken arm. I'm telling you, the guy is a freaking cyborg.

"Looks like the sins of London have followed us home."

Letty still looks concerned.

And add Mia to the mix.

Tej realizes they're being hunted. Are they at a funeral? Did someone else die?!?

AND the Transporter is finally behind the wheel of a car.

Kurt Russell in some government official role, letting Dom know that Shaw plays by his own set of rules.

And his friends are part of that world now.

Of course Dom corrects him about the friends part.

It's not friends, it's family.


"This time it ain't just about being fast."

The team is soon going to add "flying" to the list.

Everyone's relaxed.

Except for Roman who's completely panicked.

Because they're in a cargo plane.

And they're departing it via parachute.

But when they land, Shaw is waiting.

Tej's reaction to machine guns on the side of the bus.

Brian running through a bus that's about to go over a cliff.

"This right here, takes crazy to a WHOLE 'nother level." Yes. These films to get more and more ridiculous each time out don't they?

Brian hangs on for dear life.

And of course jumps to safety thanks to Letty.

There's that black Charger again. He's got a new one every film!

"One last ride."

Well it's definitely the last ride for one team member. :(

Lest you forget this film is about fast cars.

The team cleans up nice.

Gina Carano was in Fast 6. Now it's Ronda Rousey taking shots at Letty.

And Roman loves it!

More Race Wars?!?

Brian's racing again.

Betcha this is the last shot of the film...

With Brian and Dom racing off into the distance.

When did this movie turn into G.I.Joe?

Letty is still concerned.

Meanwhile Dom's as emotionless as a tree.


Hey! It's Missandei from Game of Thrones!

Tej and Roman playing it cool.

Statham with a machine gun.

And if you thought this trailer was ridiculous enough already...

Dom drives his car from one building to the next...

 Slides across the floor...

And gets out just in time.

Furious 7 opens April 3rd.

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