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Game of Thrones Season 4 Top 10 Moments

Okay, I clearly haven't fully let Game of Thrones go yet. So I decided to put together a list of the moments that made me go "What the frak?!?" or "Holy Crap!" These are the moments that either stood out as game changers or were just flat out great. These moments made me glad I watch this show no matter how heartbreaking or awesome it was. So here are my top 10 moments from Game of Thrones Season 4.

10 The Walking Frozen Dead

As Game of Thrones has progressed, it has trended more and more into fantasy. Sure we've seen dragons and White Walkers, and the last episode introduced us to skeletons that burst out of the ground, but nothing stood out more than episode 4, Oathkeeper, when we saw a White Walker dressed like a nobleman turn one of Craster's babies into one of their own. It proved they weren't just mindless ice zombies. They're organized! And Stannis proved that an organized army is a deadly army.

9 Arya Kills Polliver

All the way back in the first episode, Two Swords, Arya was essentially starting her journey to the Eyrie with the Hound. At the end of last season she had already murdered one guy who claimed to have desecrated Robb Stark's body while the Hound took care of the rest. But Polliver was different, because he was on Arya's list. He had killed Lommy, and stolen Arya's sword, Needle. Arya got her revenge by reenacting how Polliver killed Lommy, and then stabbing him slowly through the neck. It's her first kill off her death list and it marks the beginning of Arya's journey down a very dark path of revenge.

8 Littlefinger Makes Lysa Fly

Littlefinger being one of the masterminds behind the Purple Wedding was a huge reveal, but when he pushed Lysa out the moon door in Mockingbird, we saw that this was a guy who could get his hands dirty and not just operate behind the scenes. He's that kid who was a nerd in school, but now he's jacked and you don't want to mess with him. AND he got the girl! Albeit in the most twisted way possible, but still! Hmmm, I'm liking Littlefinger more and more... ;)

7 Grenn & Company Fend Off Mag the Mighty

It's hard to pick one moment from The Watchers on the Wall since there were so many great ones. It could have been Jon & Styr fighting, Ygritte dying, hell it even could have been that awesome scythe! But I feel like the moment Grenn got his men to man up by reciting the Night's Watch vows in the face of certain death against a giant is hard to top. Yes they're minor characters, but they had a major job to do. It was tense, it was emotional, and it was a case where less is more because the actual fight wasn't seen. Just the aftermath. But it was truly effective.

6 Brienne Fights The Hound

As far as great fight scenes this year, I think the best was saved for last when Brienne squared off against the Hound in The Children. Brienne had sworn an oath to Catelyn Stark to protect her & her children. Well that didn't work out too well, and Arya called her on it. And the Hound, who had no more options in ransoming off Arya, went into full on "daddy with a shotgun" mode. There was crotch kicking, ear biting, the Hound grabbing Brienne's sword by the blade, and just a lot of rage unleashed by Brienne. And the music! Everything about this fight was awesome.

5 Arya's Laugh

Arya and the Hound finally made it to the Eyrie in The Mountain and the Viper, only to find out her Aunt Lysa was dead. And her first reaction was to bust out laughing. This wasn't a "Ha Ha" laugh. It was an "Are you kidding me world?!?" kind of laugh. In Batman: The Killing Joke, the Joker said all you need is one bad day. With all the bad days that Arya's been through, this may have been the last day that turns her into a full blown psychopath.

4 Tyrion Tells Everyone Off

In what should be at the very least an Emmy & Golden Globe nominated performance, Peter Dinklage proves why Tyrion is still the best character on Game of Thrones in The Laws of Gods and Men. On trial for the murder of his nephew, a parade of witnesses come to the stand to tear down the "Imp." But after his former lover Shae takes the stand and completely eviscerates him, Tyrion has had enough. He tells everyone just what he thinks of them and demands a trial by combat. Relive this awesome moment below.

3 Tyrion Wishes Tywin a Happy Father's Day

Freed by his brother, all Tyrion had to do was knock on the door and Varys would have helped him escape. But for some reason he felt the need to visit his father one last time. Surprise, surprise! He found Shae there instead. Shae always seems to be the last straw. Her testimony was the one that sparked Tyrion's speech, and here her betrayal was complete. After murdering her, Tyrion figured "why not?" and grabbed a crossbow and headed to the loo. In the most vulnerable of positions, Tywin really should have locked the door. He tried to talk his way out, but the mere mention of Shae being a whore really sets Tyrion off. Loosing two bolts into his father, Tywin is the very unfortunate recipient of the worst Father's Day gift ever.

2 Prince Oberyn Suffers a Crushing Defeat

Oh Prince Oberyn. You were so charming this year with your carefree attitude, your Lannister hatred, and your Inigo Montoya accent. You saw your opening to get revenge on the Mountain by becoming Tyrion's champion and got the upper hand on the giant. But you got sloppy. Was it the wine? No, it was the insatiable need to hear that confession. And it doomed you my amigo. And it doomed Tyrion as well. The Mountain crushed your head like he was crumpling up paper. It was shocking. It was disturbing. And it made me scramble for adorable cat videos.

1 King Joffrey Gets What's Coming To Him

Was there any doubt what would be the most memorable moment this season? The inbred King finally got his comeuppance earlier this season in The Lion and The Rose. After a wedding that featured dwarves "reenacting" the War of the Five Kings and Tyrion "becoming" Joffrey's new cup bearer, it was time for pigeon pie! And what better to wash down that dry pie than some wine provided by his new cup bearer. Lady Olenna had poisoned Joffrey using a gem from Sansa's necklace provided by Littlefinger. Wow, that is one complicated plan. But it worked! Joffrey suffered a brutal death, the murder was pinned on Tyrion, and the ball was set rolling for the season. I even dedicated a post to finding out who the real killer was, which I completely failed at. It marks the second King to die on the show in four seasons, and subsequently the third King (Tommen) to sit on the Iron Throne. Talk about being too obvious Game of Thrones. ;)

So what did you think? What are your memorable moments from this season? Let me know!

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