Friday, November 29, 2013

Voltron is About to Celebrate His Dirty Thirty?!?

Holy crap, Voltron is 30 years old?!? And what better way to celebrate than by issuing an all new, commemorative toy!

According to where this will be available, the 30th Anniversary Voltron will be 11 inches of die-cast goodness, with light up eyes, and will also come with the badge that becomes a key (Remember? Activate interlock!) that you can put in the display stand to activate the lion's roar.

I didn't have the original Go Lion toy as a kid, I had the knockoff Lion Bot, which was only partly die-cast and not durable at all.  Or maybe I was just a rough kid? So I'd love to have this new figure, which looks way more poseable than the original toy.  The one caveat?  It's $225.  That's a lot to pay for a piece of your childhood.  The 30th Anniversary Voltron comes out in February 2014.

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